Domain Hunting & Registrars

After going trough numerous of domain registrars in the last couple years the search for a registrar that could offer a stable home to register and bring domains to from aftermarkets grew after having to deal with numerous of accounts and payment followup.

Eventually Dynadot came out to be my choice however Cloudflare also shared first place.

This Evaluation took into account the following platform aspects.

  • Cheap / Stable Price for Standard LTD's ( .com, .org, .net, .xyz )
  • Whois Privacy enabled by default with no extra cost
  • Number of extra domain supported LTD's
  • A normall UI without upselling and vendor lock in

Domain Hunting Tips and Tricks

Finding the right domain can be challenging most .com's have been registered and parked for reselling way before the modern internet came into existence. As a solution new LTDs offer a way to get the right keyword however SEO can be an issue and for general consumers understanding new LTDs is far from common knowledge. Preferably finding an available .com, .org and .net is recommended since these are generally well know in the consumer space.

1. Domain Competition Grid.

Once you settled on the name or keyword you would like to build the project under. Visit the keyword .com .net .org in a browser and check if a competitor is already using this brandname to build something similar. if the domains are parked and for sale there might be a landing page provided by some of the big aftermarkets for you to get an idea of the offering price or a way to submit a bid to the domain owner.

2. Synonyms and Slang

If the domain competition grid comes up empty or a competitor already is running a service finding a synonym can be useful and repeat the competition grid avoid changing one letter in the word since this can confuse the consumer again. Slang can also be difficult to use properly but the upside can be huge, if the slang becomes popular and integrated in the common vocabulary.

3. Aftermarket and Expired Domains

Most dictionary keywords will be parked as they were the first to fall victim to dictionary scraping

To look for a great domain that will cost you an extra buck the following aftermarkets should be checked for parked domains Sedo, Dan, Namecheap, Dynadot and Gandi

A great source to check for dropped domains and expired domains also a "complete" after market database is * expireddomains .net * also a great source to get inspired for new brands.

4. Exotic LTDs

In general i would definitely suggest avoiding these enless it makes sense with the targeted consumers location. From a Global LTD perspective .xyz and .io are still common to have a look at registering.

5. General Avoidance Tips

  • Plural or 's domain
  • +15 characters
  • Hypens
  • IDN's
  • Generally avoid new TLD's
  • Single character changes