Static Host Shootout

A-OS supports multiple hosts as of writing Cloudflare, Digital Ocean, Netlify, Amazon WebServices and Google Cloud are supported however every static host provider could be used to host A-OS repository builds to. No more vender lockin since migrating to a new host doesn't take longer than 10 minutes.

I enjoyed partaking in the cloudflare beta and found the UI most intuitive and the grab a repository and build to work flawless a small speed shootout also showed that Cloudflare's hosting is most reliable at serving pages at lightning speed.

The factors that make choosing the right static host:

  • Price factoring number of Builds, Sites, Seats
  • Page Load Speed
  • Ease of Github Build integration
  • Concurrent builds
  • Number of sites
  • Requests
  • Bandwidth

Cloudflare claims and these are verified:

  • Fastest network: run your site on the Cloudflare edge, milliseconds from end users – up to 115% faster than competing platforms.
  • Incredibly scalable: with one of the world’s largest networks, Cloudflare can absorb traffic from the most visited sites.
  • Always secure: SSL works out of the box, so you never have to worry about provisioning certificates.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: support for the latest web standards with HTTP/3, QUIC, image compression out of the box, and more.
  • With deep Git integration, Cloudflare Pages works the way developers work. Just tell us your build command (e.g. npm run build) and we’ll take care of the rest, logs included.