Setting up Forestry CMS

This will be the first blog post written using the Forestry CMS, in the back-end we are still running a custom blog based on the Nuxt Content module. All posts are stored in markdown format and get serverside rendered on build. Multi-language support is also baked into the content module.

How to setup forestry CMS

First register your account and add the Git repository that contains the website with the nuxt content module. After that 3 more steps are required to start writing with Forestry.

1. Set up sidebar

This is basically telling foresty the folder that contains your blog posts. Since we use a custom structure this is our setup:

2. Import media

The following step is to tell Foresty where your media is stored here I have made a change from the usual image storing options:

3. Post template

Upon writing a new post Forestry will mention no template is setup therefore you select one of the previous posts or create one from scratch, due not that the date format is mm/dd/yy.